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Username: Adenosine

Birth year: 1998
Gender: Male
Religion: N/A
PC: MSi GE62VR Apache Pro
– Xbox One, Switch, Wii U, New 2DS, iPad Pro
Favorite games:
Majora’s Mask, System Shock 2
Favorite books:
Snow Crash, Zero History, Woken Furies

Hello, reader. Welcome to Amphetamine Dawn. My screen name is Adenosine. I’m a programming student from Florida. I’m interested in writing and web design, and I want to be a game designer when I finish college. My site runs The Box Plus, a theme from designlab, and I’ve added extensive CSS. I write game reviews, centered around freeware, iOS, old PC titles, and other smaller or less-known properties. They might not be as flashy as 40GB PS4 discs, but there are plenty of free applications, browser games, and App Store downloads worth playing, and they’re rarely as saturated with reviews. Hero Core, Infinity Blade II, and Monster’s Den: Book of Dread were three of my favorite games when I was younger. However, I’m not averse to reviewing console games, particularly those with cyberpunk or dark fantasy themes.

My favorite games are The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and System Shock 2. I’ve played a handful I’d score higher, but they were an important piece of my development. SHODAN and the Many are among my favorite villains, electronic or otherwise.

I want to focus on games I think I’ll enjoy. I’m not rich enough to buy everything, and negativity can be a little too easy for my tastes. But at the same time, I don’t want to completely neglect the other side. I’m Adenosine, not MDMA. In particular, there are plenty of cheap AAA knockoffs and microtransaction-fests on iOS, and I want to highlight the worst examples. The platform suffers when creators use it that way. I don’t hate clones or in-app payments themselves, but there has to be some quality underneath.

I also write about stimulants, mental disorders, literature, Netflix shows, sexuality, LGBT issues, and other topics of personal interest. This blog is named in recognition of Vyvanse and Dexedrine, which I owe a great debt. I have relatively mild autism and relatively severe ADHD, both formally diagnosed, and my development has rarely been clean or balanced. I scored in the 99th percentile for reading comprehension in grade 2, and I read Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow only a year or two later, but I made poor eye contact, I hid under my desk from loud noises, and my mother had to teach me how to read facial expressions from flash cards. Until I was 16, I was close to no one my age, with one brief exception. Otherwise, I learned how to make friends around the same time my peers began having sex.

My grades were much better than I thought I deserved. I absorbed enormous information about narrow subjects—Zelda, FreeSpace tables, psychology, drug use-but I lost countless schedules and paperwork, no matter how hard I tried to remember them. I spent every day half-asleep, no matter how long I slept, no matter how many literal miles I ran. My family and teachers treated me almost like a superior being, but it was hard to view myself as even competent. Childhood is a walled garden; I had no idea how someone so sluggish, clumsy, or disorganized could survive in the world beyond.

My academics faltered in grade 11, and I avoided learning to drive, because I was scared I’d get distracted and kill someone. And then I finally convinced my parents to get me an ADHD evaluation. My life changed when I took my first Vyvanse capsule. It didn’t get me a girlfriend or write a novel for me, but life didn’t feel so damned slow anymore. I didn’t go to school every morning wanting to fall flat on my face. I started getting straight A’s the very next semester. ADHD looks energetic from the outside, but it can involve great fatigue. So can autism, for that matter. I don’t enjoy being isolated from others, but if you’re good at what you do, humans will overlook many things. Maybe that’s shallow or elitist, but it’s how life works. You have to win the game to escape it.

I named my site after amphetamines because they saved my life, or at least the quality of it. The name Adenosine comes from a neurotransmitter targeted by caffeine. It also comes from adenosine triphosphate, the body’s energy currency. I’m not a big drug user, aside from my meds, but enjoy I reading about them, and my views might be less negative than you’re accustomed to. My best friends were cannabis and LSD users, and I’d argue alcohol is worse than either. It’s certainly more likely to kill you. I don’t exactly like heavier drugs, but if you can try them a few times without injuring yourself, my opinion of you won’t be affected much. Perhaps there’s even some value in those extremes. I don’t want to glorify self-destruction, but I don’t like absolutes either.

My profile picture was taken from Luke Hayfield’s work “True Control, licensed under CC-BY 2.0. You can find the original image here on Flickr.


You can find my reviews here. They’re also linked in the navigation bar at the top of my site. This domain is sparse, at the moment, but I plan to write at least one post every week. Like, share, or hit the subscribe widget in the sidebar if you want to see more content.