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Marathon Space homepage
Marathon Space homepage

This is a fansite I built for the Marathon Trilogy, an FPS trio Bungie developed in the 1990s for old Macintosh systems. The Marathon Trilogy consists of Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal, and Marathon Infinity. They contain dual wielding, mouselook controls, NPC allies, and other features rare in that era. They’re still not full 3D, but they fake it better than Doom or Wolfenstein 3D. You can actually place rooms on top of each other.

They’re also heavier narrative-wise than most shooters from that period. They rely on text instead of cutscenes, but their backstory is remarkably complex, and the Security Officer’s quest is a tale of slavery on multiple fronts. Durandal is quite possibly the most fleshed-out example of the insane AI archetype I’ve ever run across, including SHODAN.

While they began as commercial titles, Bungie released the entire Marathon Trilogy for free in 2005. The fanbase has since ported them to modern Windows, Linux, and Apple computers through the cross-platform Aleph One Engine.

Marathon Space contains links to download all three Marathon games, wiki-style dossiers, and gameplay advice. I’ve also included links to other URLs and gameplay packages from the Marathon community. My site began as a class project, but the school servers hit each of us with a 2MB storage limit, so I couldn’t complete it to my tastes until the summer afterward.

This is the largest writing project I’ve completed in years. There’s more content I’d like to add, but I’m proud of my work. It helped me prove to myself that I’m actually capable of finishing something.


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